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Strippers Galore : Sydney Australia

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We Come To You!

We Come To You!

 Never Pay A Deposit 

Tip # 1 : Never, ever, pay a deposit to any Agency for a stripper. It's the easiest and quickest way for you to possibly lose your your hard earned money...

Warning : The single biggest complaint we get each week is from callers who paid deposits to some other Agents to hire strippers, and the strippers didn't turn up.

Some Agents even blame the customer for the stripper not turning up at there party, and refuse to refund there deposit.

It happens all the time.

Best advice... never pay a deposit.

Tip # 2 : Avoid Agencies that do not display a "Price List" on there website...

How can you do business with an Agent that makes lots of promises, but hide there prices from you to see.

Only Pay Cash On Arrival

Here at Strippers Galore we have always displayed our prices for everyone to see, and we never ask for a deposit, you simply pay your stripper cash when they arrive at your party... how easy is that.

Pay Cash On Arrival

No "Booking Fee" Charges


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Our Services   Male  Female  Prices

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